Content Sharing System

QuickCodes allows you to share Files and WebSites with friends and family using our android QuickCodes content sharing application.

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WHY QuickCodes ?


QuickCodes is 100% free. Download QuickCodes for free from the link above to get started! Simply create a code to the file you would like to share. Try it now, we guarantee you will love it!


Have you ever tried downloading files to your Android device or sharing files with friends and family with out using an app store? It can be very very slow and complex. With QuickCodes, it’s so easy! No URLs, No Browsers, Just one simple code and application.


It’s just so easy. Create QuickCodes that link to any file format you like and our system will give you a a unique code. Use this code with the QuickCodes Android application, to view and download your files immediately. simple!


Click CREATE CODE above and enter the details to File or Website you want to share. You will then automatically be given a QuickCode.

Share your QuickCode with friends or family. When They Open The QuickCodes application they will be asked for the code you shared with them.

They enter the QuickCode and depending on the type of code your Files can be viewed or downloaded & WebSites Opened.