Create A Quick Code


Media files in the following container formats can be played directly by QuickCodes. The contained audio and video sample formats must also be supported as well.

MP4 | M4A | FMP4 | WebM | MKV | MP3 | Ogg | WAV | MPEG-TS | MPEG-PS | FLV | ADTS | Flac | AMR


QuickCodes can download over 200+ file formats to you android device. Auto install of apk files can be enabled via a settings button from with in the QuickCodes application.


QuickCodes can open almost any web site from a quick code with some limitations. QuickCodes uses a 3rd party implementation of androids WebView/WebKit for rendering your web pages.

The amount of websites supported in this browser depends on your android version and how the website is built we can not guarantee all websites will work especially websites that use media / interactive content.